Traditional recruitment is ineffective in current market conditions

All across the Nordic countries employers are experiencing great difficulties in attracting the right talents. It is of course primary due to the good general business conditions, and therefore high demand, especially in the high-tech areas.

This mean that the traditional ways of recruitment like advertising, direct marketing mail/inmail are loosing a lot of efficiency.

Peter Arnvind, CEO of EXO ARNVIND explains:

Attractive candidates today receive parequests on a daily basis from advertisers, social media, mails, inmails and calls from a variety of in-house recruitment and traditional headhunting companies. The competence of the recruitment staff of these companies vary widely – therefore the candidates are getting increasingly indifferent regarding all these requests.


In certain areas, more than 30 % of the candidates close their Linkedin profiles, to stop the endless stream of irrelevant requests. 

How do the top nordic headhunters address this problem?

At EXO ARNVIND they have – as the first in the world – chosen to focus on a high-tech shared economy approach, where thousands of people contribute to connect EXO ARNVIND to top talents.

Peter Arnvind explains: We want to differentiate ourselves by having a huge network of the most competent people in the high-tech areas to help us out – and by using cutting edge technology to make the hiring process as efficient, discrete and competent as possible. This means a much better experience for the candidates, higher quality for our customers and great benefits for our EXO Network Partners.

And this novel approach to headhunting seems to work for EXO ARNVIND – delivering an explosive 300 % annual growth in their financial statement.

Written by Lene S.