In a globalized world with a great need for top quality candidates and consultants –  EXO ARNVIND has developed our International Headhunting Service named EXO GLOBAL.

EXO GLOBAL finds top candidates and consultants for your needs all over the world, and relocate them to your location

It can for example be an advanced Autonomous Driver specialist in Türkiye, a Lead Integration Specialist from India, a Space Industry Manager from Japan, a Hydrogen Engineer from US or Wind Turbine Specialist from Germany etc.

EXO GLOBAL select the very best candidates for the job using state-of-the-art technology, networking and people assessments, recognized internationally for its validity.

The benefits of EXO GLOBAL are considerable:

  • Access to top candidates world wide.
  • We can handle the relocation risk for you
  • We can offer Hire, Try & Hire, and consultancy solution for your needs.

Contact us and let the giant wheels of world-wide network capabilities start moving !

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