How to find the best EXO Candidates

When you want to find some exciting EXO candidates, we suggest that you start by reading the job profile carefully, with particular focus on the checklist.

If a candidate does not meet the checklist EXO rarely proceed with the candidate.

So you will typically go to LinkedIn and search your connections to see if anyone could match the profile, or whether there are connections who ought to know someone who matches the job profile. Ask around you, and there will surely emerge something interesting.

You don’t have to know the candidates themselves, nor do you need to contact them to see if they are open to something new. EXO does this for you.

We just want you to point to the best candidates in the market that matches the profile.

This means of course that we typically do not go ahead with candidates who are active job-seekers, or does not performe well in the job they already have.

Only with a strong candidate, and profile match will the customer be satisfied – and you get your well deserved EXO fee 🙂

Good luck with your EXO SEARCH !