Our Story

Our Story

EXO ARNVIND is part of the ARNVIND GROUP founded back in 2001. ARNVIND GROUP is all about people and technology. We help some of the world's biggest companies to find and develop the right people for leadership, permanent positions and projects. See also www.arnvind.com


EXO ARNVIND is a leading headhunting company in the Nordic IT, Engineering, Life Science and Green Technology. We are a technology frontrunner and the World’s First to use Shared Economy referrals.

Very often conventional recruitment, advertisement, job/CV databases, and internal network just don’t deliver the quality of candidates you need.

EXO takes headhunting into the future of shared social networking, and advanced technologies  – to help you find the exact candidates you are looking for.

EXO’s headhunters are both highly qualified and sector-specific which assures much higher quality, and hit rates than other more conventual recruiter/headhunting companies.

At EXO ARNVIND Advanced Software Automation solutions are intensively used to give you the most efficient headhunting process possible, but you can also buy our world-leading Research solution ACE to use in your own recruitment process! Read more about ACE here

At EXO ARVIND our motto is Higher quality –  more efficiently! 🙂

Just send us your advertisement / or job profile, and the giant wheel of world-wide network capabilities, and cutting edge technology starts moving!

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EXO ARNVIND is committed to diversity, and strive to have at least one third of women on our candidate lists.